Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

— Leonardo Da Vinci



From humble beginnings in a cubicle, to a corner window office with 3 computer screens, Andy Blockno has gained the respect of his peers, management and subordinates alike. Andy has had his hand in the creative cookie jar for years as a digital multimedia art director, photographer, graphic designer, animator, developer, and all around good guy.(1) From concept to completion, Andy delivers first rate creative design with a spit and a polish.(2) Keeping high standards of practice and consistently re-educating himself has Andy on the forefront of practical, tangible creativity.

In his spare time, Andy is an avid runner, photographer and indie filmmaker; sometimes he does all three at once.(3) With such films as “Asphyxia”, “For Sale” and “Hush Money” to his credit, (along with many upcoming projects in the works) Andy never stops utilizing his creativity. He even has a side project – The Southeastern Michigan Alliance of Paranormal Investigators Society, or SMAPIS, an episodic Ghost Hunters parody complete with a Web site and blog. Being an avid runner allows Andy a few precious moments alone to clear his head and conjure up his next big idea. You never can tell what’s going on in Andy’s mind, but you can be certain that it will always be first-rate.

1 Goodness based on average response in a controlled survey of 7 people.
2 Creative design not actually polished, nor is it Polish, this is simply a figure of speech, a turn-a-phrase if you will.
3 Hyperbole, this is a statement made purely for illustration purposes.

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